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Polish Business Law


  • Learn legal regulations pertaining to companies
  • Develop practical knowledge related to legal assessment of the business partners’ representations
  • Knowledge of the principles governing company bodies
  • Indicate practical aspects of securing the interests of an entrepreneur when entering contracts

The classes are conducted as seminars, covering theoretical knowledge, but predominantly focussing on practical exercises involving solving specific problems which may arise in the business practice. The classes should make use of practical experiences of the participants.

Basic Information on Jurisprudence

  • Civil Law within Legal System
  • Civil law vs. business law
  • Sources of civil law
  • Basic notions of civil law

Elements of Contractual Law

  • Types of contracts
  • The form of the contract (declaration of will)
  • The way of entering a contract (offer, tender, negotiations)

Warranty for Performance of Duties Under the Contract

  • Pledge and mortgage
  • Transfer of ownership as security
  • Surety and bank guarantee
  • Promissory note

Claims due to Non-Performance or Underperformance Under a Contract

  • Contractual liability
  • Contractual penalty, interest
  • Expiry of claims

Overview of the Most Common Business Contracts

  • Contracts transferring rights
  • Contracts establishing the rules for the provision of services
  • Contracts regulating the use of things and rights
  • Other contracts

Conducting Business Activity

  • The principles of conducting business activity
  • Entrepreneur, enterprise, registers and official records of entrepreneurs


  • Partnerships (private, general, limited, limited liability, limited with shares)
  • Companies (limited liability, joint stock)
  • Procedures of transforming, dividing and merging companies governed by Commercial Law
  • Responsibility of the members of the governing bodies in companies governed by Commercial Law

Resolving Disputes

  • Amicable resolution of disputes – the settlement agreement
  • Court proceedings
  • Courts of arbitration
  • Bankruptcy and composition proceedings
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